Team D3

About Us

Team D3 Athletes are fueled in training and racing by the three words Desire, Determination and Discipline and they realize the perks and camaradiere of being connected to like-minded athletes. Our athletes have access to a support system that makes their triathlon journey extra special. When you are on this Team, you are not training alone and you are not racing alone. You will have access to D3 Multisport’s USAT Certified Coaches and you will experience support from your teammates. It’s double powered when you are part of Team D3!

Our Team is open to all our 1-to-1 Coached Athletes, our Custom Training Plan and Pre-Built Training Plan athletes, any of our previous athletes, or anyone who wants to be part of an inspiring group of coaches and athletes! Team D3 Athletes range in ability from beginner to elite, and they train in home towns that span from Coquimbo, Chile – New York City – Boulder, Colorado – San Diego, California - and so many cities in between! With an incredible 19 years of triathlon coaching and team management expertise, we use a mix of technology, social media, events, sponsors and of course, racing to bring athletes together - no matter where they live. 

The Team D3 mission is in duplicate of our coaching mission - we believe in it 100%: Use evidence-based training science, technology, and wisdom to guide our athletes toward their multisport goals. Inspire others through our community of athletes who are great ambassadors of the sport. 

Being part of a virtual or local-to-you group is hands down a rewarding aspect of the sport; and we have a game plan to elevate your love of triathlon. Can you see yourself on our Team? We can! The best candidates for Team D3 embrace the three principles of Desire, Determination, and Discipline and are aiming for the next level in racing triathlon through education, coaching, gear, sportsmanship and loyalty. You are invited to experience the magic. We look forward to reviewing your application.

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