Team D3

Coach Dave Sheanin

Erie, Colorado |

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceA big channel swim
Post-Race DrinkFruit smoothie
Off-Day ActivityHoney-dos around the house, watching the kids play sports, napping in the sun

I am USAT Level I and Training Peaks Certified Coach.

My athletic journey started with all the typical youth sports--baseball, basketball, football. I sucked pretty equally at all the ball sports but then found swimming in high school. Through a great stroke of "who luck", I had exceptional coaching and developed quickly in the sport, despite the late start. I swam for a short time in college but found triathlon and once I completed my first race (which was a pretty compete disaster), I was hooked. That was 1988--relatively early days of the sport--and I've grown quite a bit as a triathlete in the years since. I continue to compete and improve as an age-grouper. I earned my first All-American status in my late-40s so I know that it's definitely possible to get faster, even if you have a few gray hairs.

After years of being asked informally for training advice and helping out friends, I began my coaching journey in 2010. First with USA Swimming then shortly thereafter adding USAT and Training Peaks certifications. I have worked with all levels of athletes from true beginners to elites and national champions. My passion lies in helping athletes who are similar to me--busy professionals, often with families and full schedules, who are looking for a way to train effectively and get results on race day.

In addition to coaching and racing, I also love "sharing the feat" as a guide with Athletes in Tandem.( Racing with athletes who have disabilities and need a partner to be their engine has given me additional perspective on the sport that has been important part of my race calendar and my life.