Team D3

Shannon White

Rapid City,

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman Chattanooga
Post-Race Drinkwater

Started triathlon in 2008. Learned to swim off youtube in 2007 to do Ironman Louisville in 2008. (Signed up then learned to swim). First triathlon was in 2008 and was a 70.3 which was also my very first OWS. I panicked in the water but did end up finishing with a time of 71/2 hr. Did IM Louisville later that year and finished then stopped triathlon until 2014 when i started training for IM Wisconsin 2015. Have continued to do 70.3's ever since. Have done two 140.6s and seven 70.3s
Originally from Canada. Came to the US in 1989 and am now a dual citizen. I give anesthesia for a living (Nurse Anesthesiologist). I'm married and have 2 dogs. My husband requested no more full IM's because of the training time so it's just 70.3s now. Looking forward to this new chapter with D3