Team D3

Mathew Provost

Barrington, Rhode Island

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceNorth American Ironman Tour
Post-Race DrinkBeer

Hailing from Rhode Island via Calgary, AB, and Tuscon, AZ, also Vancouver for a bit, then back to Tuscon... My pre-triathlon exercise past has been, well, spotty at best.

Admittedly, growing up I was really good at running for the bus on my to school. A few rounds of p90x here, the occasional month long stint in the gym there, the way it goes for most of us. In the end, I had aspirations but life would always get in the way.

In 2016 that spark came, mostly (probably) because of the inspirational posts written by some of my very close friends who had found themselves ingrained in the sport, and then one day I just decided…that I could do this too. I folded the laundry draped on my trainer in the basement and signed up for an Olympic distance race with nary a care or a “how” or a second thought. A borrowed wetsuit and a dusty pair of shoes completed the kit and I, in all my glory gasped and choked and fought my way (including a bike vs car collision during the race) to a last in age group finish.

A handful of 70.3 Ironman Races later I've got the bug... and now I've made the choice to go after the biggie, Ironman Canada in August of 2020. Fingers crossed I won't be last.