Team D3

Laura Simenson

Windsor, Colorado

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkCarb drink

41 y/o mom, wife, triathlete, DPT. I started my first triathlon at the encouragement of my husband to give them a try. It was the Pigman Sprint in Marion, IA in 2005. I went to the pool and learned how to swim freestyle with my husband's help. I would pause at the edges and did exactly 750m. I swam maybe 2-3 times in the pool and never open water before my first race. Race day-I stood at the edge of the water with tears in my eyes wondering what the hell I was doing. I lingered in behind everyone and started. I did side stroke, back stroke, and very little freestyle because I was freaked out about putting my face in the lake water. I made it and on to bike. I had no idea of pacing strategy or what that meant. All I wanted to do was finish and I did. From there, I decided to do road running races instead as it fit into my life better. I didn't get back into tri's until 2013 when we moved to Windsor, CO and our town hosted the Pelican Tri. Again, I cried looking at the water as I probably swam just a handful of times before the race and certainly not in open water. I finished better than I had my first tri but still had much room for improvement. Given the tri culture here in CO, I started to get into it more the following year after my last son (out of three) was born. I did my first Olympic distance in 2014 as well. I was using pre-built plans off the internet to help guide me in my training as well as my own personal knowledge. After that, I started toying with the idea of doing my first IM full distance and decided to hire a coach and that's where I met D3. I finished my first 70.3 and full IM distances in 2017. I found out that I really love to compete now in Tri's and I don't care to finish, I care to finish in a certain time and place. I look at the water now strategically and with a goal to start out in front of the pack to get position for my bike and run. I have weaknesses that I continue to work on, but I know them well and will continue to grow and be the best that I can be.

My outside-of-triathlon life includes being a wife, mother of three growing and energetic boys, and a Physical Therapist. I have a background of athletics ranging from HS VB/BB/track/SB --> collegiate SB pitcher/outside VB hitter and back row player. I have coached elementary to collegiate athletes as well as provided private pitching instruction for some years in my past. I'm very goal oriented and truly enjoy the process of getting towards those goals. I feel our health is a gift that we shouldn't take for granted and to remember to be grateful for the opportunities that we are given.