Team D3

Trish Clouse

Ajax, Canada

Main FocusTriathlon
Post-Race DrinkBeer
Off-Day ActivityGolf

I have been competing in triathlons since I was a teenager. My father got me into the sport. After University I focused on my career, got married, did a few tris, and then started a family where I slowly got back into running with half marathons. 5 years ago I did my first half Ironman. I was hooked and so happy to be back in the sport. First 140.6 happened in 2015 at the one and only Muskoka full. I loved every minute of that day. Since then I’ve done 3 more 70.3’s and just finished Ironman Florida with getting a PR of 1 hour and 7 mins! Finishing time was 13 hours even. And I know it was Mike’s plan that got me there. Was losing hope of getting faster, then beat my time by over an hour, I’m on cloud 9. I am also part of an extensive group of triathletes and runners called the Ajax Wannabes up near Toronto Canada. We train together and race together (one of them has already inquired about D3 to me after my Florida finish.)
I am a proud mother of 3 kids aged 15,13 and 7. All in competitive sports that take them all over the world. I always strive to be a good role model for them. And triathlon and running is the way I do it. Even my husband was inspired to do Atlantic City 70.3 and also got a plan from you.
I work at a local ski hill where I instruct, Snowmake, and provide customer service. A job that I absolutely adore and they are family to me. This is me.