Team D3

Perks & Guidelines

Applications for the 2020 team are open October 24th to November 7th.

Our Team is open to all our 1-to-1 Coached Athletes, our Custom Training Plan and Pre-Built Training Plan athletes, any of our previous athletes, or anyone who wants to be part of an inspiring group of coaches and athletes! There is no cost associated with applying for our Team, and if accepted, members will receive all the incredible perks noted below. However, we do expect our Team members to support D3 Multisport in some way throughout the season. That may be working 1-to-1 with a coach, purchasing a training plan, or representing our Team in your training and racing by wearing the 2020 Team D3 Multisport uniform proudly!


We are looking for athletes who:

  • Live, breath, train and race by our three principles of Desire, Determination and Discipline!
  • Are aiming for the next level in racing triathlon and who want to support other athletes on their respective quests too.
  • Want to actively connect with their teammates through our social media communities as well as at our events when possible. 
  • Range in ability from beginner to elite, and who live, train and race around the world!  


Membership Perks

Camaraderie and Connections

    • Members will have private access to the Team’s vibrant Private Facebook Group with over 600 members. This is the perfect place to seek encouragement from teammates, share your accomplishments, get inspired by teammates, or just enjoy a laugh with like-minded individuals. 
    • Members will have access to team events throughout the year including race meet-ups, Team races, a season-end BBQ in Boulder, CO and more. These are excellent opportunities to meet other team members in person and race alongside them.
    • Members will have access to the Team’s private website. Each athlete can create a profile, share their race schedule, add their race results, share race blogs, upload pictures, and interact with other members.
    • Members will have private access to the Team’s mobile app. Available for download in the App store, members can communicate with each other, plan meetups at races, share pictures, and more.


    • Access to the USAT Certified D3 Multisport Coaches in the Team’s Private Facebook Group.  They are available to answer training, racing and nutrition questions. 
    • Access to the password protected section of D3 U., our collection of over 400 articles and 150 videos for you to reference as you educate yourself about the sport.  This is your complete triathlon knowledge center! 
    • Members are invited to participate in D3 training camps and clinics that are designed for athletes to yield gains in technique and endurance advancing them toward their goals.  This is where breakthroughs are achieved! 

DIscounts and Industry Perks

    • Members will receive discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off of products from a hearty list of industry partners that will be shared after your Team approval.
    • Members will have the chance to win prizes from all our partners through monthly team contests.


    • Members will get access to world-class team gear. This includes cycling gear, running gear, casualwear and more.


Team Guidelines

  • We want all our athletes to represent the Team in their athletic endeavors. We understand that some of our members will have ties to other teams and clubs, but we still want our members to represent this Team as much as possible through their choice or combination of Team gear, sponsors and/or coaching (any level). We will verify that each member has met at least one of these three expectations by June 1st, 2020 to remain on the Team.
  • Come to a Team event in 2020. Virtual connections are a big part of our Team, but we strongly encourage our athletes to participate in person as much as possible! As the race calendar is populated, we will identify races for athlete meet-ups and events.  We will have specific support for the Boulder 70.3 and USAT Age Group Nationals. We offer camps and clinics, plus a season-end party too!
  • Promote Team D3 Multisport. As Team members, it is expected that you act as an expert on the brand. We expect our 2020 members to help with marketing efforts through social media posts and/or through interactions with their peers during training and racing.
  • Make sure to like/follow all D3 Multisport Coaching accounts. Engage with us, post pictures, and make sure to use the hashtags #D3Powered, #TeamD3, and #TeamD3Athlete.
  • Use the Team website and Team mobile app to stay updated and connected with other Team members. Members should create a profile, keep their race schedule current, log race results, write race recaps, etc. We are stronger collectively and the more our athletes share and engage with each other, the better the team culture is.  You are part of that success!
  • Refrain from publicly promoting any conflicting coaching companies or similar services. While your membership to Team D3 is not exclusive, we appreciate your loyal support of who we are.  
  • Sportsmanship is key. Athletes chosen for Team D3 are ambassadors and need to behave accordingly and in line with our mission.  Any action that may negatively affect the integrity of the D3 Multisport brand (i.e. doping) is cause for termination from the team.

Team applications are now closed

If you are interested in staying informed on the next membership cycle, enter your name and email address below, or contact us at